Private Events

What are you toasting? What’s your reason for gathering everyone together to celebrate this special moment? Let’s bring out that reason and make it shine!

“When throwing a party, they are my GO TO...”

Most people enjoy attending special events, but few enjoy throwing them. Maybe you have a cause worth celebrating but don’t necessarily have time or energy to spare for planning. Lean on us, so you can put that time and energy into actually enjoying your one-of-a-kind celebration with everyone.

“The food is the BEST...And can’t forget the staff. They are like family coming over to help out. They make all my parties better. Wouldn’t even consider one without them.”

Jessica S, 5/5 via The Knot

Detailed design and decor

Proof of the Pudding specializes in a wide range of themes, customs and traditions—everything from bar and bat mitzvahs to luaus and ethnic weddings. We’ll handle the streamers and lights or rentals and unique floral art. We’ve have the right touch for the tiniest of details.

Custom menus

If people are the most important part of a social gathering, food’s a close second. That’s because it’s an expression of what goes beyond words. We craft menus with fresh, local, carefully chosen ingredients. Then we combine them in heartful and skillful ways to create truly moving experiences.

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